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Master the Basics of Paper Quilling

A live paper quilling course designed to take you from complete beginner to confident creator in four sessions

Master the Basics of Paper Quilling is a live course, so it's only available at certain times.

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What's included in the course?


Session One:

An overview of supplies, different styles of quilling, and general concepts. We'll also get hands on to create a small project.


Session Three:
Creating Your Own Designs

Discover tools to plan and create your own designs, how to choose color palettes, composition, and more.


Session Two:
Basic Shapes & Floral Design

Learn all of the basic shapes in a project-based style. Rather than learning the basics in a cut-and-dry way, put them all together right away into a floral design.


Session Four:
On-Edge Quilling

Carolyn's signature style is done mostly on-edge. Learn this technique by creating a succulent design with step-by-step instructions.

Plus! These bonuses:

  • Supply Guide​​​​

  • Basic Shapes Guide

  • How to Cut Your Own Paper Strips

  • Finishing, Framing & Protecting Your Artwork

  • How to Use Additional Tools & Accessories

  • Members only Facebook group

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