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Master the Basics of Paper Quilling

A live paper quilling course designed to take you from complete beginner to confident creator in four sessions

Enrollment for Master the Basics of Paper Quilling is currently closed

This course is taught live over Zoom, so it's only available at certain times. Scroll down to learn more about what's inside the course, and sign up for the waitlist below to be the first to know when it's available again.

What's included in the course?


Session One:

An overview of supplies, different styles of quilling, and general concepts. We'll also get hands on to create a small project.


Session Three:
Creating Your Own Designs

Discover tools to plan and create your own designs, how to choose color palettes, composition, and more.


Session Two:
Basic Shapes & Floral Design

Learn all of the basic shapes in a project-based style. Rather than learning the basics in a cut-and-dry way, put them all together right away into a floral design.


Session Four:
On-Edge Quilling

Carolyn's signature style is done mostly on-edge. Learn this technique by creating a succulent design with step-by-step instructions.

Plus! These bonuses:

  • Supply Guide​​​​

  • Basic Shapes Guide

  • How to Cut Your Own Paper Strips

  • Finishing, Framing & Protecting Your Artwork

  • How to Use Additional Tools & Accessories

  • Members only Facebook group

Are supplies included?

Supplies are not included, but you will receive a thorough supply guide with recommendations and links to specific items. This guide will be in your course portal when you register so that you have plenty of time to get supplies before the first session.

A beginner's kit is recommended and typically costs between $15-$30. As a quick summary, here's what you'll need. Most of these items can be found in a beginner's kit:

- quilling paper 
- scissors 
- glue
- craft tweezers
- a slotted quilling tool
- a circle sizing board 
- a surface to spread glue on (like a paper plate)
- a card or other sturdy surface to glue your work on

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