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Original Handmade Artwork

Orders are currently open for this floral monogram and floral name design! 

This design is customizable with the colors of your choice, along with any letter or name. The flowers, font, and design will be the same as shown in the photos, but with your customized colors.
At this time I'm unable to take requests for fully customized elements like different flowers. (If you're curious about why, read more below.)

Find more information in the description of each piece. A snapshot of a few details:

  • Each item includes a shadowbox frame and free shipping within the US. International shipping may be available for an additional cost.

  • You will receive an email with a color sample before work begins on your order to make sure the colors are perfect.

  • After you approve the color palette, processing time is 1-2 weeks for 11x14 sizes and smaller, and 2-3 weeks for 12x24 and larger. 

  • Payment plans are available at checkout, or email for additional payment arrangements. 

Are you interested in trying your hand at creating this design yourself? The floral monogram design is available as a digital pattern here


Can I customize other elements like the font, flowers, and more? Can I order something entirely different?

When it comes to creating a completely new design (commissions) or offering a wide range of customized elements like unique flowers, the process really ends up taking anywhere from 4-6 weeks. The design phase, trial-and-error, and the time it takes to communicate back and forth and get client approvals during the process really are much more time and labor intensive than they may seem. This results in a much higher price and longer processing time for you. 

This floral design is tried and true and I'm confident that I can create a beautiful work of art for you as quickly as possible, keeping the price as reasonable as I can for the time and skill it takes to create. Each piece is handmade with love and care, and each will have its own variety with the colors and letters of your choice.


While I'm also balancing other projects I'm working on, this design is the only one I'm offering at the moment. I occasionally open orders for commissions or other designs, and if you'd like to make sure you don't miss the announcement, join the email list here

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