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Hi! I'm Carolyn Edge!
aka The Quilling Edge

Are you a craft hoarder/ hobby collector like me? Yup, I've always been busy creating something and pursuing creative hobbies. 

But one kept rising to the top for me-- paper quilling! It quickly became my passion and now I love sharing it with others, whether that's creating original artwork, teaching my beginner's course, or sharing videos on social media.

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I learned paper quilling from a simple workshop at the Austin Public Library in 2017 and immediately became obsessed. The rest was self-taught, and I found my own style by using unique materials, and techniques to bring a modern spin to this ancient art form.

A simple medium of paper can do so much, and I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what's possible by using unconventional paper like maps and sheet music, and finding out where paper will stick, like gluing my art onto wine corks and directly onto walls.

Oh and I live in an RV!
Yup, somehow my art supplies fit in there.

As the world changed overnight and our careers went virtual, my partner Hayden and I realized we could work from anywhere. We moved into a travel trailer in the summer of 2021 and have been traveling the country full-time since then. 

We spend the week working for our own businesses, then on weekends you can find us exploring a national park, paddle boarding a lake, hiking with our 3 dogs, dipping in a hot spring or swimming hole, listening to live music, or enjoying a beverage at a local establishment.

Updated September 2023:

We're currently in the Canadian Rockies and plan on hanging out here for a while. Are you in the area and interested in setting up a workshop or other live event? Please email

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