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Easy paper Easter egg tutorial

Happy Easter! If you celebrate this holiday, I hope you're able to do so safely this year! Last year I know we were not able to gather with family due to the lockdown.

However you like to celebrate, if you're looking for an easy craft to decorate for the holiday, these paper eggs are perfect! In this video, I teach you how to create 3 simple shapes that you can mix and match to create endless combinations.

Tools are super simple on this one. If you don't have quilling tools, this project is great for you because the tools are very minimal.

You really only need a tool for the tight coils, and you can use a slotted or needle quilling tool-- or simply use a toothpick! Everything else can easily be done with your hands (though you'll find tweezers helpful!)

Click here to see another tutorial on how to use supplies around the house if you don't have traditional quilling supplies.

Written directions for this tutorial can be found below.

Cut the Easter egg templates

Print the Easter egg template and cut out (inside the lines so they don't show.) Print on heavy card stock so they're sturdy.

You can also draw your own if you don't have a printer (or draw them directly onto something like a card.) For reference, my template is about 2" wide by 3" long. There isn't any measuring in this design, so use any size you'd like.

Outline your egg

Choose your outline color and apply a little bit of glue onto one edge of the strip, then hold it up to the edge of your paper egg. I started at the bottom of my egg so the seam isn't showing on the side. Add glue just an inch or 2 at a time, and keep glueing around the egg. Cut off the excess and glue down the seam.


Some quilling templates follow a strict pattern. My goal here is to give you 3 shapes to combine however your imagination seems fit! Incorporate other shapes as you'd like! here are 3 to get started with:


Simply fold a paper strip back and forth on itself to create an accordion shape, or zig-zag. Play with different sizes! I made a small one which had folds of about 1/4" and a large one which had folds of about 1/2". Hold it up to your egg as reference as you go, until it looks like the right length for where you'd like to place it. Then cut off the rest of the paper strip.

Curved lines

Run a paper strip between your quilling tool and your finger, and you'll find that it starts to curve. (Or just use your fingers, or a a toothpick if you don't have tools.) Hold it up to your egg to get an idea for how long it needs to be, then cut the strip. Keep measuring and cutting a little bit of excess off until it fits. Play with putting 2 or 3 lines together for different looks.

Tight Coils

These are the dot shapes! Using a quilling tool or toothpick (or heck, even your fingers), roll the strip of paper tightly. Just like with the other shapes, hold it up to your design where you'd like to place it to see if it's the size you'd like it to be. Then cut off the remainder of the paper strip and glue down the seam.

Glueing shapes to the egg

You'll need a flat surface to spread glue on. I use plastic sheets, though you can also use a paper plate, a plastic lid, or any clean flat surface.

Put some glue on your surface and spread it thin with a squeegee, an old credit card, or the edge of your ruler. Seriously, get that glue thin!

Use tweezers to help, and tip each piece into the glue. Lift up carefully and place it back on your design, pressing down at all points to make sure it's set.

Happy crafting! Drop a comment to let me know how it goes if you try this design!

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