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Master the Basics of Paper Quilling

Looking for your next craft hobby obsession? 
You've found it!

In just a few sessions, you will learn everything you need to know to start creating confidently in the art of paper quilling. This course is designed to provide the foundations of this art form and help you create stunning artwork as quickly and easily as possible. Whether you have some experience with quilling or are trying it for the first time, this course is the perfect way to develop new skills and unlock your creativity.

What is paper quilling?

Paper quilling starts with long strips of paper that are rolled and shaped and glued. The shaped pieces can then be arranged into intricate designs. The results are stunning, but the best news is that the basics are incredibly easy to learn.


Paper quilling has been used for centuries and is named because they used to use a feather quill to roll the paper around! We now have more modern tools to make things easier.

Every artist has their own style, but as you’ll see, Carolyn brings a fresh, modern take on this art form, taking the traditional techniques and bringing new life to designs that you’ll be eager to display.

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What's included?

This course will walk you through everything you need to know step by step to create incredible paper quilling artwork. 

Here's a peek of what you will find inside.

Plus! These bonuses!


Bonus #1: Supply Guide

  • Everything you need to know about tools and materials to get started.

  • Direct links to buy recommended items.

  • Notes on what you DON'T need to get started.

  • This will immediately be in your portal upon registration so you have time to get supplies before the first session.


Bonus #2: Basic Quilling Shapes Guide

  • A reference guide to practice the most common basic shapes that are used in quilling.

  • We will also be putting these shapes together into a design during Session Two, but this guide is a useful reference to have on hand as you learn.


Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group

  • Exclusive to course participants.

  • Gain direct access to the instructor for questions.

  • Share your work, celebrate your wins and encourage others as we're learning together.

  • This group will be moderated to ensure a positive environment for participants.


Bonus #4: Three additional patterns

  • Looking for more guidance to keep creating beyond this program? Quilling patterns will soon be available.

  • Patterns will be for purchase, but participants of this course will receive coupon codes for three patterns of your choice!

  • Options will include some fan favorites such as the floral monogram, state maps, succulents, and more.


Bonus #5: How to Cut Your Own Paper Strips

  • Different methods to cut your own quilling strips. Whether you have a Cricut, ruler and X-Acto knife, or scissors and pencil, details will be given on different tools and methods.

  • What to look for in your choice of paper.

  • Benefits of cutting your own paper and whether it's the right choice for you.

  • How to store your paper strips.


Bonus Session #6: Additional Sessions (TBD)

  • Depending on needs and interests of the group, up to two additional sessions will be provided.

  • One session may be a bonus Q&A for anything that's still holding you up. (Questions can also be asked throughout the course!)

  • One session may be an informal Quill & Chill to socialize with other artists while working on a project.

What's NOT in this course?

Master the Basics of Paper Quilling is designed to take you from complete beginner to confident creator as simply as possible. Because of that singular focus, there are a few things you won't find in the course:

How to start a business and sell your art

If this is what you're looking for, a course like this might be offered in the future.

And to be clear, you will learn new skills that your can use to create artwork to sell.

But we will not be covering topics like starting a business, finding clients, pricing your work, shipping orders, etc.


{Think of it this way: If you signed up for a beginner's fitness course, you wouldn't also expect to receive information on how to become a trainer!} 

Intermediate to

advanced techniques

This course is designed for those who have some or zero experience with this art form.

Whether you're a complete beginner or have tried it before, you will learn new skills.

However, if you have considerable experience with quilling and are looking for more advanced techniques, this program might not be for you.

Again, if there is strong interest in an advanced course, that can easily be created in the future!

Information overwhelm


One of the biggest obstacles for beginners is being overwhelmed with too much information, which leads to feeling stuck and unsure where to start.

This course is NOT titled "Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About Quilling Ever"-- and that's on purpose!

If it were, you would be overwhelmed and would quit!

This course has cut out the guesswork and extra fluff to get you on the best path to quilling with confidence.

Judgement, negativity,

or drama

You are joining a cohort of other beginners, so if you're worried about being intimidated by others, this is not that kind of community!

Quilling is a relaxing, soothing hobby and we are all here to have fun.

Whether it's in the Facebook group or Zoom sessions, the community will be curated to ensure a positive, supportive environment.

You can also engage as little or as much as you'd like in the Facebook group and on Zoom.

Are supplies included?

Supplies are not included, but you will receive a thorough supply guide with recommendations and links to specific items. This guide will be in your course portal when you register so that you have plenty of time to get supplies before the first session on April 25th.

A beginner's kit is recommended and typically costs between $15-$30. As a quick summary, here's what you'll need. Most of these items can be found in a beginner's kit:

- quilling paper 
- scissors 
- glue
- craft tweezers
- a slotted quilling tool
- a circle sizing board 
- a surface to spread glue on (like a paper plate)
- a card or other sturdy surface to glue your work on

Session Dates, Times & Format

All sessions will be held live over Zoom

4-5:30 PDT  //  7-8:30 EDT

You will have lifetime access to recordings if you can't make the live sessions or want to revisit the material!


Session One: Tuesday, April 25

Session Two: Thursday, April 27

Session Three: Tuesday, May 2

Session Four: Thursday, May 4

Bonus sessions: 

May 9 & 11 (To be confirmed)

Registration Deadline:

April 20th is the last day to sign up!

This ensures that you have enough time to gather your supplies.

Meet the Artist & Instructor

I discovered paper quilling from a simple workshop in 2017 and immediately became obsessed. I bought a kit and was mostly self-taught the rest of the way.

After a couple of years really getting to know quilling with the traditional materials and techniques, I began to branch out and experiment with what else is possible. This is where I found my own personal style, which brings a fresh, modern, and surprising twist to the medium.


Quilling has become my passion and I love sharing it with others. I also know that it's so easily accessible-- I started from one workshop and I know you can too!

- Carolyn Edge

{aka The Quilling Edge}

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