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A limited number of order spots are currently available.

To start the conversation, submit the inquiry form at the bottom of this page. But first, please review the information on pricing, timeline, etc.
Here's how it works:
  1.  Inquiry: Please start by reviewing the information below on pricing for commissions and original artwork. This will help you start to understand the price range for what you have in mind. Note that payments are split up and further payment plans are available. Submit an inquiry in the form below to start the conversation. This is an initial inquiry and does not guarantee an order. 

  2. Conversation: You will receive a response within 3 business days. Depending on what you're looking for, there may be some back and forth to make sure we're on the same page about size, price, design, timeline, etc.

  3. Confirmation: If we agree and move forward with your order, a $100 deposit will be due to secure your place in line. See more on the payment schedule and timeline below. You will receive communication about where you are in line and when your order can be expected. If you need your artwork by a certain date, let me know in the inquiry and I will try to accommodate your request. 

  4. Creation: It may be several weeks before your order is started. See more on timeline below. When your order is ready to be started, you'll receive more communication and if needed, rough draft sketches and paper samples. If needed during the creation process, there may be email updates sent to you with photos of the progress for your approval.

  5. Shipment: Your order will be shipped right after it's completed. All artwork for this round of orders will be shipped by mid December 2023 and should arrive before Christmas.

Original Artwork vs. Commissions

What's the difference?

Before we get into pricing, please understand that I classify my artwork into two categories:

Original artwork:

  • Is an original design that's available for reproduction.

  • Colors can be customized for no additional charge. Other elements may be customized but may require an additional design fee.

  • Original artwork that is available for reproduction can be found listed below with prices. If there's a different design you have in mind that you don't see, that's considered a commission. If you've seen images of other artwork that isn't listed in the original artwork table below, it was a previous commission and is not available for reproduction. If you're not sure, ask in your inquiry.

A commission:

  • Is a completely new design that has not been created before. (Your business logo, a portrait of your pet, any design that you can think of that's not shown in the Original Artwork photo examples.)

  • Will not be replicated. You are receiving a one of a kind work of art that will not be reproduced for anyone else!

  • Prices are higher on commissions because there is much more time and skill that goes into the design process, trial and error, communication back and forth, etc.

  • You will receive sketches, paper samples, and process photos along the way to make sure it's all going in the right direction.

  • You can find price ranges below, though we will discuss details over email. Pricing depends on size and scope of the design. If you have a specific budget in mind, we can work within that, though it will determine how complex the design will be.

What's included?

All prices for original artwork and commissions include:

  • A shadow box frame. (Your choice of black or white, though I currently have limited inventory on frames. I will do my best to accommodate your request.)

  • Shipping within the US & Canada. International shipping may be available for an additional cost.

Original Artwork

Original Art.png
  • Colors can be customized on any design for no additional charge.

  • The charges you see to customize other elements are a design fee. They are a flat fee and don't vary based on size. With these items, a sketch will be sent for approval before quilling work begins.

  • Different designs work best with different sizes and are not available in some sizes.

  • All prices are US dollars.

Below are examples of each of these designs. Scroll to see more. >>


  • These price ranges are a general estimate and will vary based on the scope of the design. Smaller does not always mean cheaper. Factors that affect the cost include how complex the design is, how much time and skill it will take, and if specialty materials will need to be sourced for the project.

  • If you have a specific budget, we can work within that, though keep in mind that more simple designs can be done for a lower price, while more complex designs are in the higher range. Payments are split into 3 installments, and further payment plans are available. (See more below.) 

  • Your commission will be one of a kind and will not be recreated for anyone else in the future.

  • Commissions are currently available only in these sizes.

  • All prices are US dollars.

Click here to see the gallery that includes commissions that have been created in the past.


All orders are currently being completed in a brief window between now and mid December 2023. Orders are completed in the order that they're received. The $100 deposit is to secure your place in line, and it may be several weeks before your order is started. You'll receive communication about where you are in line, though all orders will be shipped by mid December, so it will be no later than that.

An order is not considered confirmed before the deposit is received. The deposit applies to the total cost and is not an additional fee.


Payment is due on the following schedule:

  • $100 to confirm your order and reserve your spot in line.

  • 50% of remaining balance due before work begins.

  • Remaining 50% balance due before artwork ships.

For example, for a $500 order: 

  • $100 due to confirm your order.

  • $200 due before work begins.

  • $200 due when work is complete and before the item ships.

In addition, interest-free payment plans are available at checkout through PayPal.

If you would prefer to pay the remaining balance in full before work begins, that's an option as well.

Cancellations, Refunds & Exchanges

​If you would like to cancel your place in line before work begins, 50% of your deposit will be refundable. 

Once work begins, no payments made are eligible for refund, due to the personalized nature of each piece.


You will receive photos of your artwork before it ships, and for more customized artwork, you will receive progress photos along the way for your approval. If there are any issues, requests for changes need to be made before the project is completed.


I do not offer exchanges or refunds on completed artwork.

If your artwork arrives damaged from the shipping process, please contact me and provide photos within 48 hours at to find a resolution.

Submit an inquiry for artwork

Start the conversation by submitting this form. This is an initial inquiry and not an order confirmation.

Which size(s) are you interested in? Check multiple if you're not sure.

Thanks! Your request has been submitted. You can expect a response within 3 business days.

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